News: Ysteriet Kro og Scene AS er nå etablert og fikk klubbmedlemskap i Norsk Jazzforum oktober 2014.
YKS drifter et kombinert demo studio/prescene har krovirksomhet og Live Scene i den gamle ysterigården i Misvær.  

News: IAP agree about booking the Janoska Ensemble

News: IAP agree about booking for the band Mara and the Inner Strangeness.

 UrBand Camp

The festival UrBand Camp 2015 will be hold in period September 17th - 20th


Arkhangelsk Regional Non profit Voluntary Organization for art and culture

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IntraAct Productions present

  Mara & The Inner Strangeness    
  MARA AND THE INNER STRANGENESS are Dark Artistic Music from The North of Norway!! Some call it jazz, some call it artrock, but one things for sure; it is a unique and extraordinary mix of it all. Blend their unique music with perfomance art, take a dash of Tom Waits and spice it up with a strong and charismatic vocal that sounds like a hybrid of PJ Harvey, Bjørk and Patti Smith and you got Mara & The Inner Strangeness, they give you an experience you are guaranteed not to have seen or heard before. Mara & The Inner Strangeness started as an art/music experiment in 2006 by the lead vocalist, artist and songwriter Marita Isobel Solberg. In 2009/2010 the band as it is today was collected. Early 2010 they recorded their first EP "IN DARK PLACES" (with artwork by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara) and autumn 2011 they recorded their first album "RED SOUNDS WHISPER" in OCEAN SOUND RECORDINGS. The album "RED SOUNDS WHISPER" was released on own label STRANGE MARA RECORDS summer 2012.
The group has been playing several conserts in Norway, Italy and Russia and will play at Liverpool Sound City May 2nd both with Mara and Tom Waitresses.
Marita Isobel Solberg, Herborg Rundberg, Stig Arne Sigmund Pettersen , Christo Stangness , Arnljot L. Nordvik, Jonas Karlsen and Håkon Skog Erlandsen






  Mara And The Inner Strangeness  
  Photo: Kinore Neeshi   




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Record: Strange Mara Records


Mara has also the Tom Waitresses band


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